Bio-construction in Mallorca

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Bionstruction company in Mallorca

Bioconstruction Mallorca

Bioconstruction is a form of green building that respects the environment and where the health and welfare of the inhabitants of the house and the environment around them are the main goals

Construccions Ferrys is one of the pioneering companies in the Bioconstruction in Mallorca, and specializes in building straw houses

The concept of healthy and ecological habitat translates into the view of a house that preserving the health of residents, it helps to protect the environment, biodiversity and management of natural resources. 

Sustainable construction is a complex process that requires a comprehensive approach to the relationship between the health of the housing and the environment and it requires of the action and close cooperation of many actors. But we must never forget that at the heart of the project are beings that is going to inhabit the home, ie us.

Sustainability and Green Building Materials

Company of green building in Mallorca

The bio-construction is based on sustainability and the use of natural materials obtained mainly  in the region in which the house is built. By using natural materials without the addition of chemicals or other industrial components we favour the integration of the house into the environment and we are environmentally friendly

When we are choosing materials we must make a study of the project and take into account the bioclimatic properties and possibilities of energy savings they provide. By using local materials we reduce energy consumption dedicated to transport and it is considerably reduced the environmental impact

The sustainable construction maximizes the energy from the sun, seeking to optimize lighting and obtain a ventilation as natural as possible to achieve significant energy savings. With a study of the proper dimensions and thermal insulation that is provided by natural materials we achieve a reduction in the loss of natural heat captured

The construction project respectful with the environment must take into account the use of renewable energy. The use of photovoltaic solar energy systems for the production of electricity or solar thermal energy systems for domestic water heating and / or heating are the ideal complement for an ecological house

Another major aspect to consider is the rational consumption of an increasingly scarce resource as water. Therefore storage of rainwater and the use of devices that reduce water consumption are contemplated.

About Us

CONSTRUCCIONES HERMANOS FERRY’S., A family construction company based on trust and commitment. Since its inception pioneered the Green Building in Mallorca and specialized in building houses with straw bales, new work and refurbishments are other sectors that we offer.