Reforms and rehabilitation of homes in Mallorca

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Comprehensive reforms and rehabilitation of homes in Mallorca

Comprehensive reform of homes in Mallorca

Reform of a home or building is the process of modernization or adaptation either total or partial that is carried out to improve its habitability and to adapt it  to new needs.

In the area of architecture, reform in many cases involving a total or partial reconstruction of a building, because it is dilapidated and abandoned, or the need for necessary repairs to maintain or improve structural stability, or because the need to adapt the building to a new project.

Housing rehabilitation aims to restore and improve the living conditions of it. 

We take the reform of any space, regardless of its surface, purpose or level of finishing with the same professionalism and without neglecting quality in any case, as in all of the projects we undertake.

In each of the projects we undertake reform or rehabilitation, we provide personal advice to the customer, continuous monitoring and attention to detail to ensure that the client's idea becomes a reality. 

Usually the price of a used home plus the cost of reform or rehabilitatión is usually lower than the price of similar properties in good condition and moore cheaper than new homes, without sacrificing the performance and comfort of these.

Objectives of reform or rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of homes in Mallorca

The main objectives pursued by performing a rehabilitation of a home or building are:

  • Ensure structural safety.
  • Optimize living conditions.
  • Improve energy efficiency.
  • Change your distribution.
  • Protection against humidities.
  • Improve lighting and ventilation inside.
  • Improve facilities of water, gas, electricity and sanitation.
  • Adapt to new uses, improving accessibility and removing architectural barriers (eg elderly or disabled)

In addressing reform or rehabilitation we must take into account these points:

  1. Having clear our needs
  2. Define the new distribution
  3. Assessing the cost of the project
  4. Necessary permits and licenses.

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