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CONSTRUCCIONES HERMANOS FERRY’S, is a family company located in Mallorca specializing in the construction of all types of buildings, whether residential, industrial or commercial. In recent times we have also specialized in the construction of frame houses wooden light frame filled with straw bales.

Founded in March 2012, since our beginning we had a clear goal:


Initially the company was engaged in reforms in general, but thanks to the perseverance and hard work of its founders, Pedro and Joan, the business was growing until the present time.

Today not only dedicated to renovate your home, business or industry buildings , but our infrastructure allows us to realize the dream of having a home where, and how they have always dreamed our customers.

Our sensitivity to the environment has led us through effort and preparation to perform a specialized department in sustainable construction, carrying out housing construction and reforms that use products from natural corks, the use of lime, wooden structures and walls of earth or straw. Being pioneers in this type of buildings in Mallorca..


With a staff of 8 people, all technically trained and highly prepared to undertake their work, but always with clear responsibility rigged to our task and especially ability to inspire hope to our clients and their projects.


  • PERSONALIZED ATTENTION: Les assign a coordinator in charge of making a personal follow-up and continued the project. He will solve any doubts or questions that may come to you at any time.
  • INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT OF ALL PROJECTS: Since the moment you decide to give your order will not have to worry about anything until the completion of the work, and may even be tramitarles all kinds of administrative applications and licenses if they wish.
  • Free and without obligation budget
  • Highly qualified and experienced professionals
  • Comprehensive management of all services (project-license-execution-end of work).

Why choose us?

Pioneer in bio-construction and thatched houses in Mallorca

Our maxim is based on trust with and for the customer.
Service from a team of highly qualified professionals

Our Values

  • Discipline
  • Self-criticism
  • Proactivity
  • Perseverance
  • Availability for change
  • Responsibility
  • Learning

Our Specialisation

Straw houses


New homes


About Us

CONSTRUCCIONES HERMANOS FERRY’S., A family construction company based on trust and commitment. Since its inception pioneered the Green Building in Mallorca and specialized in building houses with straw bales, new work and refurbishments are other sectors that we offer.