Straw house in Selva (Mallorca)

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Family house made with straw bales and wood located in Selva (Mallorca)

The house is organized around a sunporch to help to heat the home naturally and is designed to maximize the bioclimatic conditions of the farm (sun, prevailing winds). The interior spaces are characterized by continuity and visual connection between the different areas and its flexible use.

Built with a light timber-framed filled with straw bales. The finishing mortars are of dirt and lime. The garage and exterior terraces  are made of  sandstone stone. It is proposed as an energy self-sufficient building.

About Us

CONSTRUCCIONES HERMANOS FERRY’S., A family construction company based on trust and commitment. Since its inception pioneered the Green Building in Mallorca and specialized in building houses with straw bales, new work and refurbishments are other sectors that we offer.