How to build a house with bales of straw

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Do you want to see how a house is built with bales of straw?

The construction of a house with a structure of wood and bales of straw is one of the most ecological and efficient current types of construction. If you have heard of it and are thinking of building a house of this type, you now have the opportunity to see the process of building a house with bales of straw in situ.

Thanks to one of our customers, whom we would like to thank for his cooperation, we are organizing guided tours to get to know on the spot the process that we carried out for the construction of an ecological house with bales of straw.

If you want to see up close how we built a house with bales of straw, send us your details in the form below and we will contact you to organize the visit. 


About Us

CONSTRUCCIONES HERMANOS FERRY’S., A family construction company based on trust and commitment. Since its inception pioneered the Green Building in Mallorca and specialized in building houses with straw bales, new work and refurbishments are other sectors that we offer.